CG Reel 2010

March 18, 2010

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CG Breakdown:

This is my own latest 2010 reel that includes my recent industry work as well as some of school production and my own personal works.



For the second team project, our Bath and Forck Production team tackled research in designing our own affordable spherical HDR (High Dynamic Range) robot. The main purpose of the research was to come up with a design and construct a fully-functional robot that takes spherical view of any environment to produce HDRI for IBL (Image Based Lighting) in Maya.

Each of us was given a specific field to research, and  for my part, I did extensive research on Hardware and Structure needed in manufacturing the robot. After carefully examining pros and cons of different commercial designs and DIY designs available online, I designed our own spherical HDR robot that not only is it affordable but accurate to work with.

Below is the final team presentation we did to better explain the construction of spherical HDR robot as well as the theory behind HDR and its use in Maya for IBL to produce realistic mental ray render.

To download our presentation, click here