For the second team project, our Bath and Forck Production team tackled research in designing our own affordable spherical HDR (High Dynamic Range) robot. The main purpose of the research was to come up with a design and construct a fully-functional robot that takes spherical view of any environment to produce HDRI for IBL (Image Based Lighting) in Maya.

Each of us was given a specific field to research, and  for my part, I did extensive research on Hardware and Structure needed in manufacturing the robot. After carefully examining pros and cons of different commercial designs and DIY designs available online, I designed our own spherical HDR robot that not only is it affordable but accurate to work with.

Below is the final team presentation we did to better explain the construction of spherical HDR robot as well as the theory behind HDR and its use in Maya for IBL to produce realistic mental ray render.

To download our presentation, click here



Making of

incipiēns was first of three team projects we made under Bath and Forck Production at Media Design School, Auckland in New Zealand.

For this project I took up the role of Art Director, thus together with the Director, I was heavily involved in coming up with the conceptual design and abstract theme of incipiēns. Right from the beginning of the 8 week production, we’ve all agreed to set out in creating not only a visually creative piece, but also a film with a story that the audience can relate to. Hence we have given ourselves over 3 weeks of  intense pre-production to come up with the unique abstract theme, and a powerful storyline.

The story depicts a man’s struggle to overcome his depression over his life time in reverse chronological order, however he fails tragically. Especially in the world we live in today where there is constant conflict and economic recession, depression could easily succumb and devour our lives to the extent where some of us may lose the sense of direction and purpose in our lives.

So we dedicate this film to those of us, who have lost direction and purpose in their lives through depression, and to let them know that this is a universal struggle that all of us face at certain chapter in our lives.